These are some questions frequently put to us by prospective clients considering concrete palisade fencing for their properties¬† –

Is concrete palisade fencing as strong and durable as brick or poured concrete walling?
It is definitely just as durable and resilient. In fact its manufacture under controlled factory conditions instead of being poured on-site like conventional concrete walling is a more reliable process, unaffected by random conditions at the property. Properly and efficiently installed by a reliable contractor, precast wall panels and their vertical posts can be relied on to withstand the elements and secure your property for many years to come.

I am concerned that grey concrete palisade fencing panels will not make a very attractive, aesthetically pleasing, boundary for my home.
You are not limited to plain grey concrete panels – in fact you will be able to choose from a large variety of colours and finishes when selecting precast panels. The panels can also be designed to resemble natural materials used for walling, such as bricks and stone, combining the aesthetic advantages of traditional walling with the convenience and simplicity of installation of concrete palisade fencing.

Is concrete palisade fencing suitable for enclosing my swimming-pool?
It certainly is. The flexibility of separate walling panels means that the wall can be designed to enclose any size and shape of pool. Also, a precast wall is a far sturdier and more reliable barrier than simple fencing, so that the safety of your young children in the garden will be assured.

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