If you have the responsibility of running a school, you are probably strongly aware of the importance of the safety and security of your students while they are in your care. This is true whether you are dealing with small children who depend on you for their welfare, or older students who need a great deal of careful supervision. One of the ways in which you can guarantee this level of safety is ensuring that the school property is securely and comprehensively enclosed.

Concrete palisade fencing installations Mpumalanga  are a fencing and walling company with many years of experience and we can offer you expert advice in this area. If you are creating a new wall around school property or replacing one that has become old and unsafe, we would definitely recommend pre-cast walling.

Concrete palisade fencing installations Mpumalanga are manufactured off-site and transported in a finished state to your property, so that installation is carried out quickly and with a minimum of disruption to ongoing school activities.

In a schoolyard situation, you also require a structure that is resilient and tough, whether your wall is up against bouncing footballs or just extremes of weather, and pre-cast walling is particularly durable. It is also easy to maintain, and cleaning requires nothing more complicated than a regular hosing down, so that your wall always appears neat and attractive.

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